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19 October 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

H.M.S. Gloucester

Oct. 19th


Dear Mother-   Thank you muchly for your letter- I say how dreadful about that air raid – and I am thankful that none of you are hurt or have suffered in any way – I should just say there was some excitement in Guildford – It must have been a great shock to everyone – I had no idea, till I got your letter that they had been anywhere near you, and of course I rather got a bit of a shock when I read your letter. They seem to have been over most of the Southern part of England-

I have been meaning to pack up some socks to send you – but I have had very little time to do anything just lately.

We had our sports last week, the finals – I managed to win the 100 yds & 2nd in ½ mile & obstacle race – but I was disqualified in the latter – because I did one of the obstacles wrong – not a bad day though on the whole & I think the men enjoyed it

Oh – do let me know if you have had to pay anything for my chest – they said it would be about 15/- so if you will let me know I will send you the money-

It’s getting jolly cold up our way now – more cold winds than anything else. I have’nt actually started my winter clothing yet though.

Yes – Jane seems to be enjoying herself immensely – I heard from her only a few days ago.

We have just got rather a good hockey ground fairly close here – it is a cricket ground really – so it’s very good. & they are letting us have it for nothing too.

Well I am glad you are all safe and well –

With ever so much love to you all

ever your loving son


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12 October 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

H.M.S. Gloucester
C/o G.P.O.

October 12th


Dear Mother

V. many thanks for your letter – I expect by now you have got my letter telling you how it was I had’nt written. We are in harbour again now – & have received a batch of mails.

They have postponed our sports – but they are to take place as soon as possible – so I shan’t have much time to do any training – because I have’nt had a run since the end of last month nearly-

So glad you have had a day in London-

I am writing in a minute to Gieve’s about my chest – I have’nt had a chance till now – I can never write any letters at sea.

That friend of Jim’s who sent him some cigarettes has just sent me some – she must be rather a nice person I should think. I am awfully well and fit & hope you have not been worrying about my not writing.

With best love to you all-

from ever your loving son


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9 October 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

H.M.S. Gloucester
C/o G.P.O.

Oct. 9th


My dear Mother.

V. many thanks for your letter – which I got yesterday – because we have been messing about at sea all during this last week, & consequently no mails out or in till yesterday – so that’s why you have’nt heard from me as usual.

All right I’ll tell Gieve to send my chest home – oh yes I’m sure it will fit in anywhere really – but you know how one imagines things are huge & they are not really.

I must send Ruth a fountain pen – I presume she writes with a Relief like we all do.

Sickening about our sports – because since the heats we have been at sea & so I’ve had no training & at present are at a different place – and the finals are Monday & Tuesday- so whether we shall be there for them I don’t know. I do hope we are.

I say how sad about Fred Hewett & what a shock for poor Bunchie – I never saw it in the paper – & did not know till I read it in your letter-

I had a letter from Jane from Gloucester – she seemed to be very happy-

Yes all this news East & West is extraordinary. I really believe we are on the move now – I think all those Balkan states are the limit- Heaven knows what will happen next.

My cold has quite gone now- oh about a week ago I should think.

If I send some socks home to be darned & mended – has anyone any time to do them – seems a pity to waste them – they are such nice ones.

Heaps of love to you all & I hope everyone is very well.

Your ever loving son



Relief pen nibs were dipped in an inkwell (difficult in a ship at sea, one would think). Fountain pens had a rubber bladder containing ink.

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29th September 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

H.M.S. Gloucester
C/o G.P.O.

Wednesday. 29th


Dear Mother.

Many thanks for your letter – Dreda & Jane seem to have enjoyed themselves very much at Bognor. I heard from Dreda while she was there. I must write to her in a minute.

Rotten weather we are having now – all rain & quite cold – This afternoon we ran off some heats of our sports – pouring all the time – I won my 100 yds heat & tomorrow is our ½ mile – an awful track, all long grass-

I’ve made friends with our Chaplain’s kids – who are up here- I went to tea there this afternoon & thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Isn’t the news lovely – we’ve just got our evening papers & I see they say 120,000 Germans are accounted for, in some way or another – I wonder when our casualty lists will be out?

Is it any use having my sea-chest sent home – it will cost 15/- apparently to send to Guildford, and if I store it – it costs 4d a week – what do you think – it’s mostly full of pictures & clothes I don’t want at present.

Mr Tyers was married to-day – he’s that fellow who came to see you with his fiancée – & brought my cigarette Box-

Slight old acquaintance- Mrs Maturin – eh? – Course I have’nt the slightest idea what she is like.

My cold has quite gone now thank you & I’m feeling ever so fit again.

There is no more news – very best love to you all from

Your ever loving son


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22 September 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

H.M.S. Gloucester
C/o G.P.O.

Wednesday. 22.


Dear Mother.

V. many thanks for your letter – I’m afraid I am a bit late with mine – but these last 3 or 4 days seem to have been rather a rush somehow – and last Saturday I caught a rotten cold playing rugger in the rain, & having to wait about afterwards – so I’ve been feeling thoroughly Paulish – It’s much better now – though my supply of handkerchiefs has given out – It’s turned into a cough now – besides that, I’ve had to attend 2 boxing tournaments – which haven’t helped at all; and I’m going again to-day.

I’ve heard from Jim once or twice – he said he felt much better & hoped his stay at Bournemouth would do him no end of good.

Glad to hear Dreda is getting a holiday- I expect she deserves it – after sitting in that stuffy Bank all these days.

Poor old Tew. Yes truly a Camberley tragedy – I see the New Budget is out this morning – really the figures are huge, and how it’s all worked out I don’t know – What vast economies we shall have to make – One thing, the £130 touch will affect a good deal of people I expect.

Well I must rush off again to examine some fellows in gunnery!

rather a rushy letter I’m afraid

Very best love to you all

Your ever loving son



Spectator article on budget

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15 September 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

H.M.S. Gloucester

Wednesday. 15th


Dear Mother.

Thank you very much for your letter- I am so glad you enjoyed your holidays & that everyone says you look ever so much better. I’m sure you have had a well earned rest.

I must say we have been having simply gorgeous weather lately – really hot it’s been, and I’ve had some good basks in the sun – but to-day is the first time I’ve been able to get ashore though; & I’ve been for a motor bicycle ride & marvellous to relate, I arrived back from where I started after a 2 hour ride.

I’m glad you like those photographs – they are rather interesting are’nt they- That one of you is quite good I think- the tiniest woman in Asia I should say!!

I did’nt write for those cardigan’s – because I don’t really need them – I seem to have got heaps of woolly waistcoats & things left over from last year.

Bee’s plums arrived rather crushed – but excellent whern stewed or in a tart.

Oh. I’ve found my sea-chest really this time & have sent to find out what’s in it etc because I can’t remember –except my gun – which I want for clay pigeon shooting.

Sorry to hear Jim is still a bit dicky – I hope he’ll get better soon

Chubbie’s brother has arrived home from the Dardanelles – he’s got a concussion – and is convalescing.

Well – I must stop – I’m just off to bed –

Goodnight & very best love to you all

from your ever loving son


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9 September 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

H.M.S. Gloucester


Tuesday 9th


Dear Mother. Very many thanks for your letter & I am so glad to hear you are having a good holiday, & such a good rest – So you are off to Pitney to-day – now do stay away as long as you can, & don’t do any work – but just rest yourself.

Poor old Ted – that fever is a rotten show is’nt it – & I hear Jim has got shingles – he always seems to be in the wars-

I have had several letters from the girls- Jane tells me she has left her P.O. job. Quite right under the circumstances I think- & I do hope she gets another job to her liking-

Our weather has been lovely too just lately – & I’ve been ashore once or twice & taken some exercise. I believe we are going to have some sports soon – if possible – they might be rather amusing – tho’ an awful bother these days.

I’ve had letters from both Willie & Wiggie lately. The latter doesn’t seem to like it a bit – poor old Wiggie – soldiering was never his line I’m afraid – but he’s awfully cheery and all that

Wonder what America is going to do over this new Hun frightfulness. I suppose it will all end on paper again – sickening isn’t it-.

Well there is no news really – give my love to all at Pitney and heaps of love to you Mother dear-

Your ever loving son


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31 August 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

H.M.S. Gloucester

Tuesday. 31st


My dear Mother –

V. many thanks for your letter. Did you get a letter from me a little while ago with some certificates of mine in it – because you never said whether you got it or not. I rather want to know – as they are rather important things to keep- Thank you for Ted’s address-

No I don’t remember Fizzle hizzle at all – can’t think what it is. I had a letter from Stephane – an awfully nice one – they don’t yet seem to have heard anything official about Donald, so agonizing for them I think, and Mrs Black must be in such a state.

Sorry to hear about Jane’s job – she told me she was’nt very pleased at the way they went on in the P.O. and I quite see her point really – must be very hard for her

We went to sea the other day – quite a change – but we did’nt stay very long, worst luck – wish we could do a bit more- Beastly nuisance these coal strikes are – some very strong hand ought to settle them all for good and all I consider.

Slight improvement in the weather lately – really we’ve had some quite hot days.

Very best love to everybody – & let me know about those certificates won’t you.

Your ever loving son


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24 August 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

H.M.S. Gloucester

Tuesday. 24th


Dear Mother.

Very many thanks for your letter – Well you do seem to have lived in a rush last week- & what a ripping time all the girls must have had with Willie – I bet he thoroughly enjoyed himself –

Rather amusing about Dick & Jim looking for dress suits – how they must have all laughed- Just like Jim that, not turning up again for a day or two. Never met such a wanderer-

So Ted is at Gloucester – you never sent me his address- will you? Because I want to write to him.

Thank you for Stephane’s- rather difficult to write a letter when it seems uncertain.

Bee Dudman sent me heaps more Jam the other day – so good it is- She told me you were going to stay down there sometime – now do have a good rest when you are there Mother – and stay there a good long time-

What a Black week that was last week was’nt it – but what glorious news yesterday- I do hope things have started to move now. We still seem to be waiting – I get ashore & play a good deal of football and am keeping awfully fit. I hope to go out to dinner this evening, with another Essex pal of mine. I had a letter from Rosamond the other day – she seems to enjoy her fruit picking.

Well there is no more news – Hope everybody is very well-

Best love to you all from

ever your loving son


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17 August 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

H.M.S. Gloucester

Aug. 17th


Dear Mother.

V. many thanks for your letter. I am awfully pleased to hear Ted has got a job – & how topping for him being down at Salisbury with Jim & Topher. I wonder what sort of job he will have – kind of adjudancy I expect.

No- the weather is still awful up here – everyday it still rains & thunders.

Yes I saw about Donald Black, awfully sad I think and was that Geoffrey or Desmond Gabb who was killed? I can’t remember whether he is out there or not. Will you send me the Blacks’ address- because I should like to write to Stephane.

Heaps of fellows I know in the Naval despatches in to-day’s paper. We’ve had one or two letters from fellows out there – and they say it’s perfectly ghastly the fighting, & the ships – especially the destroyers are in action of some sort, practically every day. I always wish we could have started out there now & had some fighting – everyone is getting so fed up with this waiting game here.- but somehow we keep remarkably well & cheery-

There now I nearly forgot- tho’ I remembered it & had been thinking about it when I started this letter. Your birthday on Thursday – so I wish you very many happy returns of the day – & may God keep you for many many more birthdays.

With ever so much love to you all from ever your loving son


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