31 August 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

31 Aug

H.M.S. Gloucester

Tuesday. 31st


My dear Mother –

V. many thanks for your letter. Did you get a letter from me a little while ago with some certificates of mine in it – because you never said whether you got it or not. I rather want to know – as they are rather important things to keep- Thank you for Ted’s address-

No I don’t remember Fizzle hizzle at all – can’t think what it is. I had a letter from Stephane – an awfully nice one – they don’t yet seem to have heard anything official about Donald, so agonizing for them I think, and Mrs Black must be in such a state.

Sorry to hear about Jane’s job – she told me she was’nt very pleased at the way they went on in the P.O. and I quite see her point really – must be very hard for her

We went to sea the other day – quite a change – but we did’nt stay very long, worst luck – wish we could do a bit more- Beastly nuisance these coal strikes are – some very strong hand ought to settle them all for good and all I consider.

Slight improvement in the weather lately – really we’ve had some quite hot days.

Very best love to everybody – & let me know about those certificates won’t you.

Your ever loving son


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