I cannot list everyone mentioned in the letters, but here are a few of the ones more frequently mentioned. They are listed in alphabetical order of the names most often used in the letters.

Details about the Berryman family can be found here.


Benedicta Berryman – one of the Berryman sisters – was in India with Ted at the start of the war

Bunchie Quentin

My mother says “Bunchie Quentin was a friend from Camberley days. All the boys were a little in love with Bunchie, but she married a curate wtih TB and has to be written out of the script”.


Is a general factotum at Delaford, becomes increasingly ill during the war

DB – Col David Henry Drake-Brockman

Ted’s commanding officer in France, the Colonel of the 39th Garhwalis

Dick / Richard

Richard Berryman – the eldest Berryman brother – a doctor who signed up to serve as a medic in the Indian Army Medical Corps

Dreda / Dryden

Etheldreda Berryman – one of the Berryman sisters

The Dudmans

The patrons of Charles Berryman’s first living at Pitney in Somerset – ie the people who owned the big house there and who gave their father his first job as a clergyman. The Dudmans were godparents to various of the Berryman children.

Jane / Jinny

Jane Berryman – one of the Berryman sisters – managed a tabacconist shop in London during the War which became a meeting place in Lodnon for her bothers, their friends ad lots of other soldiers on leave


Jim Berryman – one of the Berryman brothers – signed up to serve in the British Army

Kirwan, Charles

Vicar of Camberley after their father, who remained a family friend. He was a bachelor and allowed Gertrude and her family to stay in the Vicarage, but when he moved to Guildford she had to leave Camberley. Since she was used to his churchmanship she decided to follow him to Guildford.

The Lloyds

Friends of Gertrude from Hartley Witney


Paul Berryman – one of the Berryman brothers – wrote many of the letters – served in the Royal Navy


Rosamund Berryman – one of the Berryman sisters – worked on the land during the war


Ruth Berryman – the youngest Berryman sister – worked as a nurse during the war




Ted Berryman – one of the Berryman brothers – wrote most of the letters – served in the Indian Army


Christopher Berryman – the youngest Berryman brother

Wiggs / Wiggie – Ivan Provis Wentworth Bennett

Became engaged to Ben in January 1915. He was some 5 years younger than she was and it’s likely that she was encouraged to go to India in 1913 to get over her feelings for him; they got engaged within weeks of her return.

The Yeatmans

Friends of Gertrude from before her marriage. Ben was called after Benedicta Yeatman. Julian Yeatman co-wrote 1066 and All That after the War.


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