12 October 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

12 Oct


Oct 12/16

Dear Mother

Very many thanks for your letter last week. I see this week’s mail did’nt leave till 2 days late so I suppose there will be another long delay in getting my letters. I don’t suppose that old picture will have turned up just yet, & as you say when it does turn up I expect it will be so beautifully packed that you won’t like to open it. Very many thanks for the Daily Mirror and the falling Zepp pictures, much appreciated in the mess, it must have been a wonderful sight & Robinson earned his V.C. all right. Of course all the other airmen were just as plucky & would have done just the same, given the chance; but someone’s got to have the luck, after all have’nt they, & they should benefit accordingly.

Also for the Guildford Chronicle, whatever its name is, with the account of Jim’s wedding in it. I see they got “many & valuable presents”. Nell wrote & said she had chosen a cigarette box for Jim, but she did’nt describe the trickiness of it. She tells me she has been doing night work for a fortnight, & apparently they are going to change about like that in future; rather a good plan I think as the night work must be very trying.

We have had a tremendous lot of rain lately, quite unusual, but thank goodness it has more or less cleared up now, & it is fine at anyrate though cloudy. The air is ever so much colder too, & much more bracing & pleasant than that awful relaxing rains atmosphere.

Yes, I saw Gladys Lloyd’s picture in the Tatler, or some paper, but of course did’nt recognise her in the least. Was that the one they used to call Mar? And is Kitty married yet, & I wonder what John & Arthur are doing; I don’t quite know why I’ve suddenly shot off late into this diversion on the Lloyds!

Is that the Fish, as Bridget used to call him, in today’s casualty list; I see a Captain R.W. Fisher of the Northumberland Fusiliers killed, & I was wondering if it was he; I seem to think it must be. Yes that cable you mention was from me, a trifle late for the wedding I’m thinking. I’m so awfully glad to hear you say Ben is better again; it relieves me greatly. I had a line from Phyllis Morris last mail & she said Ben had been to see them at Shanklin.

No news here; no more orders or excitements, I suppose we shall suddenly get orders one day to be in Delhi the next. I don’t think the Viceroy will be there till after Christmas as he is going on a long tour to Burma & all over the place.

Are’nt those Germans beyond all hope now that they’ve started a submarine campaign in American waters. How those Yanks can sit under it I can’t think, & Wilson has made a very poor show all round has’nt he.  The land news is good though, & I think Bapaume will soon be ours, & that will make a tremendous difference. Must change for a game of hockey now.

Love to all

from your loving son



Relevant Daily Mirror scans on 6/9/16

Captain Raymond Wadhams Fisher, Intelligence Officer

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