9 September 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

09 Sep

H.M.S. Gloucester


Tuesday 9th


Dear Mother. Very many thanks for your letter & I am so glad to hear you are having a good holiday, & such a good rest – So you are off to Pitney to-day – now do stay away as long as you can, & don’t do any work – but just rest yourself.

Poor old Ted – that fever is a rotten show is’nt it – & I hear Jim has got shingles – he always seems to be in the wars-

I have had several letters from the girls- Jane tells me she has left her P.O. job. Quite right under the circumstances I think- & I do hope she gets another job to her liking-

Our weather has been lovely too just lately – & I’ve been ashore once or twice & taken some exercise. I believe we are going to have some sports soon – if possible – they might be rather amusing – tho’ an awful bother these days.

I’ve had letters from both Willie & Wiggie lately. The latter doesn’t seem to like it a bit – poor old Wiggie – soldiering was never his line I’m afraid – but he’s awfully cheery and all that

Wonder what America is going to do over this new Hun frightfulness. I suppose it will all end on paper again – sickening isn’t it-.

Well there is no news really – give my love to all at Pitney and heaps of love to you Mother dear-

Your ever loving son


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