9 October 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

09 Oct

H.M.S. Gloucester
C/o G.P.O.

Oct. 9th


My dear Mother.

V. many thanks for your letter – which I got yesterday – because we have been messing about at sea all during this last week, & consequently no mails out or in till yesterday – so that’s why you have’nt heard from me as usual.

All right I’ll tell Gieve to send my chest home – oh yes I’m sure it will fit in anywhere really – but you know how one imagines things are huge & they are not really.

I must send Ruth a fountain pen – I presume she writes with a Relief like we all do.

Sickening about our sports – because since the heats we have been at sea & so I’ve had no training & at present are at a different place – and the finals are Monday & Tuesday- so whether we shall be there for them I don’t know. I do hope we are.

I say how sad about Fred Hewett & what a shock for poor Bunchie – I never saw it in the paper – & did not know till I read it in your letter-

I had a letter from Jane from Gloucester – she seemed to be very happy-

Yes all this news East & West is extraordinary. I really believe we are on the move now – I think all those Balkan states are the limit- Heaven knows what will happen next.

My cold has quite gone now- oh about a week ago I should think.

If I send some socks home to be darned & mended – has anyone any time to do them – seems a pity to waste them – they are such nice ones.

Heaps of love to you all & I hope everyone is very well.

Your ever loving son



Relief pen nibs were dipped in an inkwell (difficult in a ship at sea, one would think). Fountain pens had a rubber bladder containing ink.

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