19 October 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

19 Oct

H.M.S. Gloucester

Oct. 19th


Dear Mother-   Thank you muchly for your letter- I say how dreadful about that air raid – and I am thankful that none of you are hurt or have suffered in any way – I should just say there was some excitement in Guildford – It must have been a great shock to everyone – I had no idea, till I got your letter that they had been anywhere near you, and of course I rather got a bit of a shock when I read your letter. They seem to have been over most of the Southern part of England-

I have been meaning to pack up some socks to send you – but I have had very little time to do anything just lately.

We had our sports last week, the finals – I managed to win the 100 yds & 2nd in ½ mile & obstacle race – but I was disqualified in the latter – because I did one of the obstacles wrong – not a bad day though on the whole & I think the men enjoyed it

Oh – do let me know if you have had to pay anything for my chest – they said it would be about 15/- so if you will let me know I will send you the money-

It’s getting jolly cold up our way now – more cold winds than anything else. I have’nt actually started my winter clothing yet though.

Yes – Jane seems to be enjoying herself immensely – I heard from her only a few days ago.

We have just got rather a good hockey ground fairly close here – it is a cricket ground really – so it’s very good. & they are letting us have it for nothing too.

Well I am glad you are all safe and well –

With ever so much love to you all

ever your loving son


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