7 February 1916 – Ted to Gertrude – 2nd Letter

07 Feb



Dear Mother

I sent off one letter to you this morning but the mail is in and brought me another from you, so I am answering it in time to catch this mail which leaves here today. Your letter is dated 27th Jan. I got none from Nell, only one from you & one from Ben, but I suppose they will be turning up later. Yes I’ve got pink papers & weekly times very regularly really, none by the mail though; very many thanks. I have’nt got any parcels yet, but they are sure to take years.

Thanks awfully for the flask, I am looking forward to that turning up most awfully. I’ve had no Punches from Nell or J.B’s from Rosamund yet, but I expect they are on their way. I should like London opinion too if anyone wd care to send it to me; p’raps Nance would, she always used to.

2 letters from you to Dick, address Cox & Co, Alex:, & postmarked 16th & 20th, arrived here today. They really are fools & are constantly doing idiotic things like that. I wonder if he got any of mine today. No I don’t remember a Miss McDonald on board; I knew very few people really, as we had only been on board such a short time. Yes I.E.F “E” is all right; only better c/o India office, that will always find me.

Best love to all

from your loving son


I see the Zeps have been busy again. I do hope they don’t come anywhere near Guildford.

This is one of the earliest mentions of “Nance” in the letters – possibly Nancy Swan who was to become engaged to Paul early in 1917. If it is the same Nance, then she would have been about 21 early in 1916.

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