7 February 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

07 Feb

Feb 7.16


Dear Mother

Very many thanks for your letter by last mail sent to Cox (Alex:) which I got yesterday. I say I hope that Persia account has’nt become too much public property. My dear Mother, I did nothing at all really in the water. You all say much too much. I enclose a letter from Calcutta which may interest you, but please don’t let it go outside the family will you. I would’nt send it, only I know it will please you to know that by a really very simple act I have apparently brought pleasure into someone’s life- but evidently she exaggerated her story a great deal or he would’nt be so enthusiastic. Please send it on to Nell will you, as I said I would let her have it; but please take the letter with a very large pinch of salt.

What a muddle I appear to have caused by all my various cables and letters! I cabled Nell rejoining “here”, meaning Egypt, not Alexandria as apparently everyone seems to have gathered from the cable; of course I could’nt say exactly where they were, though I know “in Egypt” would have done better than “here” & made things plainer. And then that sudden dash down here to Suez to go on to India upset thing a bit I expect. However I expect you know by now where I am!

There is another English mail in today sometime; I think there are 2 mails a week to Egypt so letters roll up at all sorts of odd times. Hector Campbell was over here yesterday, I saw him for 2 minutes. Col Boileau & I have had two or three fearful Camberley F.F.’s; he wants to be remembered to you; Etienne it is.

Did I ever tell you I met Archie Grey of Camberley, you know Lillian Grey’s brother, in Alexandria? He has been sick a good deal during the war, & was only convalescent then. He told me Lilian was making munitions somewhere, but he did’nt seem to take much interest in her. He’s rather a rotter I think.

Paul’s lucky getting such a nice whack of leave. I’m awfully glad though as he has really had so very little during the war & he certainly deserves some. His new ship seems to be the complete buzz.

The air is still full of rumours about our leaving here shortly, a matter of a week or 10 days they say, & I think we shall too. Destination unknown, but we are not coming any further west.

I wonder if old Topher managed to wangle some leave. He’d love this nice dry place after all he’s been through. I got a whole heap of letters from Cox (Bombay) last mail and the horseshoe too, but I think I told you this in my last letter. I am writing this in a nice warm sun before breakfast. Energy!

Best love to all

from your loving son


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