25 June 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

25 Jun

H.M.S. Gloucester

June 25th


Dear Mother.

Thank you muchly for your letter and the slippers – simply lovely they are and quite the right size. My photographs arrived yesterday – so you have kept one – quite right – but I don’t think they are fearfully good – They will always touch them up so and makes my face look like putty – & so fat – but still – I suppose they are all right.

I am so glad to hear Ted has got some more leave – I’m sure he wanted it. Where is he now, down at Bournemouth? Rather nice for Jane down at Pitney – I’m going to write and ask them to have another shot with some cream – fairly safe this time I think – I have never got the last lot at all.

We’ve been doing nothing much lately, one or two football matches – and yesterday I went to a local “Café Chantant” – rather dull I thought – & rotten Tableaux, but I met some people I knew – an officer & his wife – so I talked to them most of the time.

I enclose some photographs taken during our last trip. Most of them are rather rotten – There are some of our “Crossing the Line” show – Neptune & Coy.

My very best love to you all from ever

Your loving son


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