30 June 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

30 Jun

H.M.S. Gloucester

30th June


Dear Mother.

V. many thanks for your letter and the cake – yes quite eatable & very nice – only the oven was too hot when you made it – because it was just a bit stoggy in the middle –

I have’nt had a word from Bournemouth about the motor accident – how awful though & I do hope Ben & Alex are all right. I heard from Bee Dudman this morning – she seemed to tell me a good deal about it & that “Susan” is dead – was she in the car & killed or what?

I’ve just written a line to Topher – I thought he was more than 22 – why I don’t know –.

Are you buying any of the War Loan. It seems to be the thing to do – however little one puts into it.

I say those green peas & beans sound rather nice!

Yes I suppose it does sound funny to be playing football now, but the sailors much prefer it to anything else & we’ve got heaps of grounds up here.

Oh – will you send me my grey flannel trousers & are there any black brogue shoes anywhere about – that nobody wants or uses – as we get ashore a certain amount & I have no plain clothes, boots or shoes at all & we can wear anything like that, grey or white bags & uniform coat & cap?

There’s awfully little news – oh how is your leg – I quite forgot to ask in my last letter- I do hope he is all right.

with ever so much love

from your ever loving son


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