23 February 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

23 Feb

Feb 23/1916.


Dear Mother

Just a line late at night to thank you most awfully for the ripping parcel I got today. Everything in it was just lovely. The attaché case is too priceless and exactly right size & shape an’ all. Tommy’s cooker, kettle, & refils all arrived safely and are most welcome. The little packet of nail scissors etc just the thing, and the writing pad & pencils extremely welcome. Thanks most awfully mother for it all & it’s just arrived in time too, for we leave here tomorrow, for the destination I originally started for, and are sailing immediately. So don’t expect any more letters from me for at least a month; you see the journey out will take about 10-15 days & a letter going home will take that, so that makes a month. We should arrive about 10th March or so, & if we catch a mail home at once you might hear from me about the 25th March; so in any case don’t expect a letter before the end of March or so.

I don’t know the name of the ship we are going on or anything. We only got orders tonight at 5 o’clock to march tomorrow and embark next day. So I have been fearfully busy ever since & am just scribbling a line before we clear out to catch an English mail leaving tomorrow.

I haven’t heard from Nell yet, but I got a parcel from her today, with a letter dated 23rd Jan, but I have had no letters from her by the ordinary mail. A lovely parcel hers was, all sorts of nice things in it, so I have had a gorgeous day. Still, I wish letters would’nt go so wrong. And now we shan’t hear for years I suppose, being on the sea and all that. It was she who sent me the lovely watch; was’nt it ripping of her; too sweet I think; I am a lucky person to have so many nice people who are so ripping to me.

Must scribble to Nell now.

Best love to all

from yr loving son



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