26 February 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

26 Feb

Feb 26.1916

The ship we are sailing in is
called the MUTTRA


Dear Mother

Just a line to say thanks awfully for your letter today, of 16, only 10 days ago. I also got 2 letters from Nell & one from Jinny. I had a letter from Nell yesterday too, so am in luck’s way. I cabled to Nell “just off” yesterday & so we are. We go on board tomorrow, at last, after all these rumours something definite is going to happen. After this you will just catch the usual weekly mail as before I suppose, only I think it’s best to stick to the India office address, for the present at anyrate.

So glad Dick enjoyed himself. I hear he has sailed for India in a hospital ship, but have heard nothing definite from him. He bought me a bed in Cairo & sent it across but it was never found this side of the Canal, so I don’t know what happened to it. I had several searches & so did lots of people, but we never found it!

I got your letter from Dumps Morse & will answer it as soon as I can; but I have been so busy today making preparations for tomorrow that I have’nt had much time.

I seem to be getting my letters better now, but I’m afraid I shan’t get any for about 3 weeks now, & the same for you I suppose. The films arrived yesterday: thanks awfully for them. I shall get a camera when I land, as the one I was going to buy has been bought by someone else!

How nice of Bob & Mrs Bob to come & see you; I’ve never seen her have I? What’s he in, & is he going out soon? I’m so awfully glad to hear Jim is looking so fit, & I do hope he is now quite well again. Topher must have been having a rotten time lately poor chap, I can sympathise with him. I do hope & pray he came through this all right. There seems to be lots going on everywhere now & the Russians seem to be helping our Baghdad campaign a lot. What splendid fighters they must be. We owe them a lot in this war.

Yes I’m afraid taxes will be heavy after this war. I don’t think I’ve chosen a very good time to get engaged! Never mind, Nell is such a dear that I would do anything for her. I hope Dryden got my letter last mail; I always try and answer letters as soon as I can, otherwise one gets so fearfully behindhand.

Nothing much doing here, all quiet & likely to be so I fancy. I’m not really sorry to be going. One feels very much out of things here, & though I don’t really want to be in the thick of things, yet somehow one feels that’s where one ought to be.

Your idea of living near London is a good one I think and I hope it materialises, it would be so awfully nice for the girls. Jinny tells me Ruth had exciting times in the Broadstairs raid; I do hope she’s all right. Best love to all. I’m awfully fit & well.

From your loving son


Pic of SS Muttra

Details of ship & its career

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