22 February 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

22 Feb

Feb 22nd/1916


Dear Mother

Very many thanks for your letter today dated Feb 9th. Also for Weekly Times & Pink papers, much appreciated. But other chaps seem to get a weekly Times dated a week later than mine always, so could you manage to post it so as to catch the same week’s mail as it’s published in. I also got a ripping wrist watch today, done up in a G.O.S box but with nothing inside to say who it had come from. Anyhow whoever sent it, it’s a gorgeous watch. I am spoilt with all the ripping presents I get, really people are good to one.

Very warm here now, but not unpleasantly so. English mail in today, but I had no letters from Nell. Is’nt it weird, her letters always seem to go stray and they never seem to roll up till a day or so late.  It’s sickening to expect letters & then get none. However I got several others so can’t complain. No parcels have turned up yet, except the flask, the watch, & the stars & buttons. Heaven knows when the others will turn up, everything seems to be very funny in the postal line here.

I tried to go over to Suez last week end to see Dick, but missed the 4 p.m. boat because (as I found out late) it had gone at a ¼ past 3! awful rot, they never keep any time here: so I did’nt go over after all. I have’nt heard or seen anything of him for some time. Bee Dudman wrote me a nice letter today. Also from Jinny who seems mighty pleased with her new job & not very many customers as yet. But I suppose it will take time for the shop to get known. I should hate it myself I think, but she seems to enjoy it which is a good thing.

Fancy Wiggy being a temp: captain. Heavens how these new armies do get promotion. I’ve not doubt they deserve it but it’s rather bad luck on us regulars is’nt it. We have’nt had a single officer in the Indian Army promoted except in the ordinary course of events, as if it were peace – since the war began.

I say is’nt that Persia letter of mine going the rounds rather a lot? Bee D. seems to have shown it to ½ the people she’s met. I do hope it’s not being shown about all over the shop. Please don’t, I only wrote it just to let you people know at home; it’s a purely private letter. Yes I remember Col: Wynch, whom Bee met, quite well. But don’t call us the “Garhwals” will you; either “Garhwalis” or “Garhwal Rifles”; there’s no such word as Garhwals; Garhwal is the place, & Garhwalis are the people.

So Glad old Topher’s keeping fit & unhit through all this bombardment. Did he ever get his 2nd Christmas hamper I wonder. What a lot of people seem to have written to you about me. Only I don’t know a lot of them to speak to, and I assure you I’ve never ever heard of quite half of them! Such as Ethel Ford, Mrs Randolf, Dr Pierce, Mrs Berkley, Mrs Denny & several others!

Must end up now.

I’m very fit & well & going strong.

Best love to all

from your loving son


No more news of our moving yet. Everything seems held up for some unknown reason, though of course we may go at a day’s notice.



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