15 January 1915 – Ted to Jane

15 Jan


Dear Jinny

I am a fool. I’ve brought out those films I bought at Masseys & they are much too small! I quite forgot to try them before I left, & only tried them this morning and found out. And I can’t send them home as you are not allowed to. I must send you some money to pay for them.

Hope you all got back safely after your sporting effort in seeing me off. I suppose now you are busy in the hospital, washing dishes and making yourselves generally useful. No news here, except that it is a rotten place, & there is no place to compare with England.

By the way I did’nt think much of the passing show, did you? I wish we had gone to Drury Lane now instead as several fellers here told me it was very good, & of course I’ve also heard it was rotten.

My dear my fur-lined [Aqua]scutum [coat] is quite the buzz of the regiment, & all are very envious; so it’s been a success you see, though I have’nt worn it in really wet weather yet. It’s been raining here all the time I’ve been away & is fairly dull today; awful cold too. We had a lovely crossing, just nice and rough and blowy enough to be really nice. Is’nt it rot having to come out here again; still I’m glad in a way my leave was’nt longer as I should have found it harder still to come out. I don’t suppose we shall get any more leave for some time now, at least it’s all been stopped now & we are going back into the trenches next week I believe.

Sorry I have’nt got much news to tell you but as I only saw you yesterday morning, I have’nt had much time! Thanks awfully for all you did for me at home Jinny, I had a fizzing time & hope to be home again soon to rag you. Write me a nice long letter soon and tell us all about it. So long keep smiling, tons of love from



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