15 January 2015 – Ted to Gertrude

15 Jan

Friday.       15.1.15.

Dear Mother

Just a line to tell you I arrived safely yesterday after really a very comfortable journey & a good crossing, during which I was NOT ill!

We got here about 9 o’clock last night, by train, motor bus, & motor lorry. Everything seems much the same as it was when I left, & the weather certainly is the same. They have had wet days all the time, so I was fearfully lucky to get such a nice dry spell for the few days I was home. I must just say how fearfully I enjoyed my leave, & how ripping you all were to me, it was topping seeing everyone again, & I can never thank you all enough for giving me such a good time; I only wish I could have stayed at home longer, but of course I count myself fearfully lucky to be able to get home at all.

I hope the others got home safely after seeing me off. I’m afraid I dragged them out fearfully early & it was awfully sporting of them to get up so early after a late night, & I appreciated it muchly. Rather a rush on the platform as I expect they told you, crowds of people & introductions & a final dash for the train as it was just starting. By the way I found I never took my nail brush home, so it should not be on that list of things I left behind. But I did leave my purse behind somewhere so please send that out.

Very cloudy & cold here, & we are off to the trenches again next week, but won’t be in such a long time this time. I hear they are entirely under water! Jolly is’nt it. By the way I find I ordered a pair of govt: gum boots some time ago & they have now arrived, so I shan’t want a pair; I don’ think they are really much good, as if one must get wet it’s much better to slosh around & do it thoroughly & not try & meet it half way, I don’t think it’s any good. Tons of love & thanks to all again for such a highly gorgeous time

Yr loving son


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