14 April 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

14 Apr


Dear Mother

Just a line to thank you for your letter today. “Mrs No-Stamps” was a complete success, & it arrived quite all right together with a letter from Jinny, posted earlier in the day in Guildford, and with a stamp on. So it seems all right, but perhaps a bit risky unless you can get some definite news from the G.P.O. I hear you are going to Bournemouth, I do hope you do, as I am sure you will benefit by it-

You say you didn’t do enough for me. My dear Mother, you couldn’t have done more, you were all much too good to me and all helped to make my leave, as far as I was concerned, a complete success. I’m afraid I was away a good deal, but you know how hard it is to stay at home. Since coming back I have already heard from 2 people asking me why I did’nt go & see them! But I stayed amongst the family as much as I could I think. Anyhow it was lovely seeing you all again & I can never thank you all enough for being so frightfully good to me. I did love it all so.

Quite a nice day today, but it seems much colder than at home.

By the way tell Ben not to forget to write to Mussett, the Heraldic people, about the investigation they are making for me; tell them to send it to her at Delaford & not to me in India; Dick is very keen on it.

I wonder how those photographs came out. Do mind they are sent for me to see, as I am awfully keen to see them. As regards my professional ones, the family had better choose what they want; I don’t want to see them, so please don’t send em out here.

Must end up now- It was a gorgeous time at home; I shall never forget how ripping everyone was. Best love to all from your loving son


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