12 April 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

12 Apr

April 12

My dear Mother

Just a line to thank you for giving me such a topping time at home- I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my leave and what a lot of good I’m sure it’s done me- I simply hated coming away, especially back to this awful business; but I suppose it couldn’t be helped. Anyhow you were all splendid and made it as easy as possible on the surface- It was ripping seeing all the family like that, and I only wish old Paul could have been there. I thought of him often while I was enjoying the family life, which never seems to change or alter in the least- These flying visits are good for one I think, the change of scene & thought, & the extraordinary pleasure of seeing you all again all count tremendously, though the actual physical rest is perhaps nil-

Well, it’s over now, so I must pick up the threads where I dropped ‘em out here, & hope my turn for a few days’ leave will soon come again-

I did’nt have time to wire at Folkestone. We had an awfully nice trip up in the car, everyone was in great form; Jim turned up at Victoria, so I had a good crowd to see me off. I loved having them all there and they were all full of fun.

We had a lovely crossing – “absolute ponders” it would be called at Delaford I fancy! – and we left Boulogne at 10 that night, arriving here or hereabouts at about 6. We finally arrived in motor lorries about 9 o’clock this morning; quite a nice journey taking it all round-

Weather very cold here, so I’m glad I was persuaded to bring the inner lining of my ‘scutum [Aquascutum?]. I found letters from you all waiting for me, thanks very much for them all, I will try and answer them all sometime, though I have done so verbally with a vengeance.

We are in reserve just now, & go up into the trenches in a day or two I expect-

What awful fun Dick’s car was; I enjoyed my rides in that most awfully, & must get one when I come home on long leave next.

I wish my leave could have been a little longer; it was a crowded hour, but I shall never forget how frightfully nice everyone was to me- I will write a longer letter later; 2 cakes awaiting me here, & 1 with me, so I am well supplied! Best love to all, & again ten million thanks ever your loving son


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