12 February 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

12 Feb

Feb 12.

My dear Mother.

Very many thanks for your letter, also forwarding that Tasmanian thing & Vivian’s letter. I am glad you got the cable alright. I hope Jane’s cigarette business will be a success, but I trust they are giving her & Chubbie a commission as well as 30/-, if not they should bargain for one. Paul seems to have arranged & scrutinized matters all right. The little dance seems to have been a success & how funny about the Mitchells. I fancy Ben will do bank work in the end from what she says. How funny about Susan being lost. June is exactly like her in every way. She is full of beans & very popular with us all, & seems awfully fit. I wonder if the other two puppies have gone by this time. I am probably leaving this hospital to a Field Ambulance. No 123 Indian Field Ambulance. It’s not absolutely settled yet but I will cable you about a new address. If I do change you must go on writing to Cox in Alex & I must send to Cox in B & tell them to send mine here. If I change my new address will be

I.F.A 123
10th Div.

How funny you getting a letter from the Privy Purse. What Mr Robbins is that? Our old friend, can’t be! I was over at Ted’s yesterday seeing about my Transfer. I saw Ted & his pals. Ted seems quite cheery & very fit, & hope to see him again soon. Please thank Ben for 2 letters, one from Selfridge & one from Hampstead. Funny but the Selfridge one written 2nd came a few days before the other. I thought you’d be pleased to hear by cable that Ted & I had met, it was ripping seeing him & we had great fun. I hope Jane & Chubbie have found a good place to live in London. I am glad Topher is alright. They say a mail goes today so I am writing now. Please tell Ben I will write her tomorrow.  We are playing hockey today against the H.M.S— sure to be censored if I put it in. The other day we played the E.T.C. here at football & got beaten 4-1.

It’s getting hotter & hotter here nowadays but I like it.

I heard from Evelyn the other day. She has been a success in her show at Wigan. She sent me some cuttings & the people there seem to have been dotty over her. When you get my cable or any news of a change tell Jane to write & tell her will you?

Well I must stop. Best love to all yr loving son Richard.

No coat or boots or pills yet!

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