November 1915 – Nell to Jack Fielding

07 Nov

My dear old Jonathan,

I am so glad you are pleased to get one of your sisters engaged at last. The worst of it is that Father won’t let it be made public for six months. As you can imagine it is jolly hard to keep it a secret as lots of people seemed to know about it before it ever came  off. Ted wants me to go down to Guildford with him this weekend and spend Saturday in town and do a theatre. But if we aren’t publicly engaged Father might not let me go. I do hope he will as it would be such fun.

Do you realise I am working? I’m learning shorthand and type writing & and getting really quite brainy. I have done all my work and Mrs Tyler isn’t here to tell me what else to do so I am improving the shining hour by writing to you. I spent the weekend in Cheltenham with Ted and Jane in their rooms. It was a rag.

They had a concert on Friday and as the programme was too short, Ted sang some George Robey songs in costume and conducted the rag orchestra and it was a great success and there was a precious account of it in the Echo. We want to get him to come over here and do something at the hospital…

I am so glad you know Ted. It is rotten that Marjorie doesn’t. How funny it must not be to know your sister’s fiasco (sic).  I don’t know when it will come as it was only born this week and I think it is going to be trained first.

Yours to a cinder,


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