9 November 1915- Ted to Jack Fielding

09 Nov

30 Lansdowne Crescent
9 November 1915

Dear Jack,

Just a line about the news which of course you have heard. You said in your letter home this morning that I was lucky, so I am, cocky, damn lucky, & Nell is an awful Dear; I thought something disastrous would occur the very first time I saw her! Of course your father wants us to wait six months before it’s ‘official’, but that doesn’t really matter, & most people seem to know already. I’m fearfully bucked at the prospect of becoming a relation-in-law of you all as I have always been awfully fond of the family who have been the soul of goodness to me.

They don’t seem to want me back yet, so I suppose I shall hang on for a bit longer. I hear the Indian Corps has been withdrawn from France, probably to Egypt. How’s the course going, and the bike! I’ve returned mine to store & feel rather lost without it.

So long, cocky, & keep smiling,




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