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18 September 1914 – Paul to Gertrude

Sept. 18th

Dear Mother.

Thanks ever so much for your last two letters dated 23rd & 30th August- I expect by now you have had one or two more letters from me – as any merchant ship that we board, I generally drop you a line in pencil & ask them to post it “WHEN” they get home.

All those papers vastly exaggerated our small fight with the “Breslau” – it was’nt the “Goeben”, although she was there – & of course it makes us fearfully annoyed on board here to read all the absolute tosh that is written about us. We did have a fight true – but where people get hold of all the damage we did I dont know-

We get news fairly regularly now & it seems as if our army & the allies are doing ever so well – good for them. I am glad to hear Guildford is doing well in the recruit line.

Not a bad paper to take is the “Naval & Military Record” – price 2d – weekly – it summarizes the news very well & has more naval news than most-.

My very best love to you all & I hope you are all well – Your ever loving son



4 September 1914 – Paul to Gertrude

Sept 4th

Dear Mother.

V. many thanks for your letters- at last we got a mail two days ago – letters up to the 18th which is really rather good, and we hope to get more to-morrow.

This war is really terrible isn’t it- the worry & suffering that must be going on at home is really too awful to think of, and we are still ages behind in news. I do think it awfully fine of everybody to volunteer so quickly – everybody is doing their little bit now I suppose.

Our latest news is that the Germans are well into France now, so if they get anywhere near Paris there will be some trouble, and will prolong the war ever so much.

Yes. I wonder what Ben will do – Will she go down to Assam & stay with Dick?

We are wondering whether the Goeben & Breslau will come out of the Dardanelles- but there seems to be an idea that they will go up to the Black Sea – an awful nuisance – as then we won’t be able to have another go at the Breslau. Did you see the account of our chase in the Daily Sketch of the 18th, try & get one if you did’nt.

Good night mother. My very best love to you all & I hope you are all well. I am very well.

Your ever loving son



15 August 1914 – Paul to Gertrude

H M S Gloucester

15th August

My dear Mother,

Just in the midst of a hurried coaling so xcuse any dirt. I am still safe & sound & so is the Gloucester – but it is a strenuous life this war – & we get very little news out this way.

Hope everybody is very well at home.

It is sickening about the “Goeben” & “Breslau” being sold to the Turks, as we did hope to have another go at them. We heard today that the Breslau has a decided list one way- thro’ her action with Gloster – so we must have hit her a bit.

Terrifically hot out here.- We are away from Malta & no hopes of going back yet awhile. Have had no letters since the 31st July – no mails whatever.

Very best love to all
Your loving son