9 September 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

09 Sep


Sept 9th/16

Dear Mother

I see the mail leaves a day later so I’ll be able to catch it today. Many thanks for your letter yesterday, dated 16 Aug. So Jim’s to be married today, that appears to be the latest fixed date anyhow. So I’m sending him along a cable, & I hope it gets him somewhere near the right time. I’m most awfully glad he’s getting married- the very best thing for him, & from all accounts Sheina is the right girl for him. I had a line from him yesterday, also telling me he was getting married today. I also heard from Dryden & Ruth, which I must answer next week.

Yes Dick & I had great – if short – times. I wonder if he has sailed yet; last time I heard he was awaiting further orders, though the first line I got said he was off at once. Rains have more or less stopped, thnak goodness, as they were most depressing; & now we have gorgeous weather, cool mornings & evenings & nights & fairly hot days; but I expect we shall have a drop or two more rain yet awhile.

Nell has got the bureau & is mighty pleased with it; old Ben made a splendid choice apparently. I do hope she’s better now; I did’nt hear last mail. Nell is still very busy “house maiding” as she calls it at her hospital. She sometimes writes & says she’s had a real hard day, I do hope they’re not over-working her there; but she seems very cheery & happy enough.

So glad you have good news of Topher, & I’m glad he’s well behind, at present, at anyrate. Fancy feeling the effect of gas 9 miles away! I do hope Julian Yeatman’s all right; I thought I saw his name in the paper, one’s R.A & one’s Wiltshires is’nt he, I forget which is which. Harry was wounded before; is he all right again now I wonder?

Must scurry to catch the mail: I’ll answer your letter properly later.

Best love to all

Yr loving son


Julian is Robert Julian Yeatman – (bottom left) educated at Marlborough College, co-author of ‘1066 And All That’ –


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