4 August 1914 – Richard to Gertrude

04 Aug
RCPB 1st letter 4

Richard’s first letter of the war


August 4th

My dear Mother.

Very many thanks for your letter. Really this wretched war is frightfully upsetting, & we being so far away know so little. Yesterday we did hear Germany were fighting Russia, goodness knows how long it will be now before England is let in. P’raps we’ll hear more news today. I wish I was at home. Everything of course will be upset. No tea is being shipped & it’s all accumulating here. How’s Ben going to get home? No one will have any money! But p’raps it will all be over quickly & settled up, anyhow I hope so.

Well best love to all.

I had a touch of fever last week, but am quite fit now.

Your loving son


At the start of the war Richard, the eldest son, was a doctor working for a tea company in Assam in the far north eastern corner of India.

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