31 January 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

31 Jan

Jan 31. 1916.


Dear Mother

(Just upset some soda all over this!)  I hear the English mail goes out on Wednesday so I am writing tonight to catch it. Also an English mail comes in tomorrow, so I shall have some more letters to answer I expect and hope. I’ve been busy all day today writing to all sorts of people who have written to me; I am trying to answer them all as soon as I get them otherwise I find one gets so behindhand.

I have had only 3 letters from Nell since I left, but letters seem all over the place in this country. So I wired to her last Sunday to send all letters to


as they get out here just as soon as if they are sent to any I.E.F and it does’nt matter where the rgt: goes they reach me just the same, so it saves changing the address. Still I should just write & ask the India office when they should reach there so as to catch the weekly mail. I asked Nell to send on the address to you so I expect you have already started sending them there.

Awful fun last week: Dick came over on Friday to stay the night, bringing June with him. She was in great form, and was a great favourite in the mess. I think Dick enjoyed the visit though of course there is absolutely nothing to do here, but I’m glad he had a chance to meet some of my pals in the regiment. He missed the boat back to Suez on Saturday so had to stay another night here, for which I was very glad. Just after he had gone a letter came for him from you, addressed from Cox Alexandria; they always mix us two up, so I expect we shall do a good deal of getting each other’s letters.

Gorgeous weather here nowadays, ripping and warm all day and still very cold at nights. Don’t worry about sending me anything; I should like a cigarette case, but it does’nt matter just at present; thanks awfully for offering to send one, but I’m so sick with myself for being such an ass for losing the other one; I ought to have had it on me really.

I got a Godalming paper today with some trash about me in it; I was glad some publicity was given to the fact that you have five sons serving, but I do draw the line at photographs!

There is great talk of our going back to the country I started out for- (a roundabout way of putting it, but there are censors about) And I think we shall fairly soon; but not back to L., probably to some outlandish place; I don’t think we’ve done with real live soldiering yet awhile.

Yes is’nt that a ripping little picture of Nell. I got one last week and I like it most awfully. Will you please get 3 copies of me from Adrian H. and send 1 to Mrs Stack (150 Sutherland Avenue Maida Vale) one to Bunchie & I forget who the other’s for, but will try & let you know soon! Glad Aunt Edward approved.

Jack Lodwick poor fellow was next me on deck, wearing a life belt, directly after the torpedo struck. We were trying to shore our lifeboat over to port & ours was a starboard lifeboat of course it was useless, & I never saw him again. But I know he was seen throwing chairs & tables overboard, to help people in the water, & doubtless several people owe their lives to him accordingly. What happened to him I don’t know, as she went down so soon afterwards, & I know no one who saw him in the water. In any case he was the coolest and bravest of men & died as game as anyone, & I’m sure none of those drowned suffered very much. I think he must have been taken down with the ship. Poor old Lodwick, a great friend of mine whose loss I shall ever deplore, and one of the very best that ever lived, both as a soldier & a gentleman.   Best love to all yr loving son


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