3 November 1918 – Ted to Gertrude

03 Nov

Nov 3/18


Dear Mother

I am sending along a very rough and ready description of our doings of the last few days which may be of interest to you. It’s all rather a confused memory, as we were so hurried & pushed & there were times of such utter wearines that I can’t quite remember exactly what happened- It is however a fairly coherent account I think, & I hope you will like it.

It is lovely weather here now, very fortunately for us, as of course we have no kit to speak of- We have bagged a Turkish tent for meals, but otherwise are leading a very primitive existence-

We are still clearing up all the mess and booty left by the Turk on the battlefield. There’s an awful lot of rubbish, but a lot of valuable stuff like guns & machine guns which all has to be laboriously gathered together-

We have heard no terms of the Armistice yet, except that all Turks out here have got to surrender, & that we are to occupy strategical points. That means someone going on to Mosul of course, but I don’t fancy it will be our brigade. I expect we shall go back a bit. It does’nt much matter now going back, as everything is over, & there is certainly more comfort down the line. All the same I’d like to see Mosul very much, being so close to it an’ all.

Austria & Hungary seem on the verge of an armistice now, but news is scanty here just at present.

As usual, our friend Turk has left us a large legacy of flies which are very trying. I ate a whole tin of malted milk tablets one hungry day during the show, a tin you sent years ago, & they came in awful handy. I have no news of Jim or his regt, they are across the river somewhere. My hand & arm are quite all right now & healing up nicely, two tiny little holes which I don’t suppose will show up when they’ve healed up; I got off very lightly – I posted a letter yesterday & will get this off as soon as I can- I’m very fit & well. Lots of love from yr loving son Ted

Nov 6th later just heard news of Austria being out of it- splendid is’nt it…..

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