29 April 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

29 Apr

April 29th 1915

Dear Mother

So sorry I have’nt written to you for so long, but we’ve been on the rush rather lately & owing to unforseen complications have had to come back into the trenches again after going back for a longish rest, which in reality only lasted one day. For no sooner had we got to our destination than we got orders to come back next day. So here we are back in the trenches once more! You have of course read all about the heavy fighting round Ypres lately, in fact you mention it in your letters; but we were’nt sent up there, though I believe some Indian troops were employed-

We are in the trenches, the same old game again, only the weather is of course much better now. The last 2 days have been simply gorgeous, absolutely cloudless sky and lovely and warm; such a change after all the bitter winds & rain we have had lately. I’m so glad the awful winter is over now. The trenches are really quite respectable now. Dry & clean, & dust has in every way taken the place of mud everywhere now. I don’t know which is the worst, I think it is just whatever you happen to be suffering from at the time, when it’s mud you long for dust, and vice versa.

I got a cake from you last night; thanks awfully for it. We have’nt tackled it yet, but it will be a most welcome addition to our simple fare-

I’m so glad your stay at Folkestone did you good, & I’m sure you are all the better for it. These are anxious times & I know you feel far more than anyone from your splendid behaviour & you look all your anxieties & troubles in the face like the brave woman and splendid mother that you are. It’s useless talking about it, but we all think you are wonderful.

But it’s some satisfaction, is’nt it, that, whatever happens, you know you and your sons & daughters are doing what they can for their country in this hour of trial; and even though it must be a terrible time for you, we know you would not in your heart of hearts, have it otherwise.

I’m afraid I have very little news. Things are fairly quiet here nowadays; all the excitement is up north, or else round the Dardanelles- Any news of Paul lately? I wonder where he can have got to-

Two German aeroplanes have been over our trenches this morning but they were driven away by our anti aircraft guns and two monoplanes of ours which chased them out of sight.

Is the family still split up, or have any returned to the fold yet? I’m so glad to hear Jim has got his commission, & I know it will buck him up as he was so heartily sick of being a Tommy, wasn’t he.

I am sitting in a trench basking in the gorgeous sun. I had a shave & a good wash this morning but am filthy again now as I have spent the morning going round the trenches and seeing what’s going on everywhere.

Must finish up now. Love to all from your loving son


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