1 May 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

01 May

Garland day

Dear Mother

Just a line to say all is well- We are in the trenches once more & have been in for 5 days now, I have no idea how long we shall stay in, some time I expect. The cake arrived safely, very many thanks for it.

Lovely weather still, beautifully warm & sunny all day. This morning at 4.30 a.m. the Germans opened the ball with a fairly heavy bombardment which lasted about an hour but did very little damage. I don’t know what their game was, but I expect it was a sort of May day greeting!

No we have not been in all this heavy fighting round Ypres, though some Indian troops were employed I believe. Many thanks for the Neuve Chapelle story; the map on the back is really excellent. My dear, you must have been simply overwhelmed with cuttings lately, for Neuve Chapelle was the star turn till Hill 60 and Ypres knocked it out.

Not much going on here. Jack Lodwick has got a DSO for good work with machine guns; did I tell you he was married? He got married when he was on leave last month.

Sorry for a dull note, but I must try & drop a line to someone at home each day- Best love to all

yr loving son


The date of Garland Day seems to vary from place to place, being celebrated on the 1st, 12th or 29th May.


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