27 April 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

27 Apr




April 27th 1916


Dear Mother

Very many thanks for 3 letters from you. Rather curious this week, we got 2 mails, 2 days running, I don’t quite know how it happened, but it was very nice especially as we had gone for a fortnight without mails owing to the “Sussex” show.

How cold & miserable it seems to have been lately at home, Nell says just the same down her way in Gloster. I got 9 letters from her in the 2 days! I also got all the Pink papers all correct & the weekly Times, thanks very much. Yes, are’nt the French magnificent at Verdun, and all the time our so-called Ministers are squabbling about conscription. Disgraceful is’nt it & they deserve to be hung. What must our allies think, who are putting all their strength into the war, and we are still debating whether we are to or not.

So glad Jim has got his second star, it will buck him up & it’s certainly time he got it. Any chance of his getting out to France soon? And old Topher coming home on leave is ripping of course, it’s quite time he did as he must have been having a rotten time. How ripping of old Stopford to have a talk with him, & you seem to have had quite an F.F with Mrs Stopford. Dick sent me on your letter last week, as I did’nt get any-

We are still very busy up here, & it’s rather hot & stuffy as we’ve had practically no rain lately. Pardon this horribly official looking paper but I am writing in office. Funny you saying Bud Fox is so like me; was he like me before ever? I don’t remember it.

I’m afraid I’ve been far too pushed again this week to write many letters, I really must get down to it on Sunday & try & polish some off. I heard from Kathleen Thompson yesterday, such a nice letter.

Will you please send one of my photographs – a Goldalming one, whichever you think best, side face perhaps – to Louie Fielding; you’d better order six, & send one to her & give one to Ruth as I believe I promised her one, & please send me the other 4.

No more for the present. I do hope these Zepps keep quiet for a bit.

Best love to all

yr loving son


FF was family slang, probably for Face to Face

Second star –

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