25 September 1914 – Paul to Gertrude

25 Sep

25th Sept.

Dear Mother.

V. many thanks for your last letter (6th Sept) – You must have had one or two more letters from me by now I expect. A mail apparently takes about a fortnight to get here, as the last papers we have are the 12th.

So Ted is going to have a look in – He must be pleased – but it will be ages before you hear where he has gone- He may be in Egypt- Yes poor Ben! She must feel a little lonely- suddenly being left – but what a good thing Dick is fairly close.

More news of disaster in the North Sea – CressyAboukir & Hogue – Big ships too – but we have no details as yet- what really happened.

I know quite a lot of officers in the casualty list- I noticed Lawrence – there’s that Henstock boy who used to be at Irving’s with me & 4 or 5 others I know.

No. You need’nt send those pillow slips now- thank you very much though, but they might so easily get lost.

We have had heaps of woollen things sent to us already from the Navy League. I had a special one from Joy Dolphin – who was asked to send it to someone she knows from the ladies of Cheltenham League or something like that – I could’nt quite understand who – but at present it’s miles too hot even to look at anything woolly out here-

I hope you are all well at home- I am in blooming health. I had a letter from Jim the other day- he seems very sick at being stuck in Porto.

My very best love to you all.

Your ever loving son Paul.

Jim Berryman lived in Portugal and worked in the wine trade there.


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