25 October 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

25 Oct

Oct 25/16


Dear Mother

Many thanks for your letter last week, dated Sept 26. You were just off to Pitney when you wrote, & I was very glad to hear it as I’m sure you deserve a bit of a rest and change, & I do hope you had a quiet restful time. Yes, I saw about poor Guy Crossman being reported killed now; as you say I don’t know what Mrs Crossman will do.

It must have been ripping having old Topher home, & for such a long leave. I had most enthusiastic letters from Nell about her stay in Guildford & she evidently thoroughly enjoyed her dear self. You all say such nice things about her and it’s awful nice to hear them. She seems to have put off her departure several times.

Of course the weather up here now is absolutely perfect, gorgeously cold & fresh, air like chanpagne & sunny & bright all day, with generally a lovely sunset. The views of the hills are lovely and the snows are absolutely indescribable, especially in the evening when the setting sun just catches them and turns them all pink. We got a wire a day or two ago saying we had to be in Delhi before the 30th, as the Viceroy was going there then. So all is hurry & bustle now & you must excuse a scrappy letter, as I really am rather busy. I have got up specially early to write this & it’s a lovely morning. We leave here on 27th & entrain the same day I hope; & reach Delhi on 28th, but everything seems very uncertain just at present.

What alarming Zepp raids ther’ve been lately, and it’s near to hear the S. coast had been attacked; I wish they’d tell us more. The news is fairly good still, though I’m afraid the Roumanians are rather hard pressed. However, I expect they’ll manage to keep their end up.

Must fly off & finish up some office work.

Best love to all

Yr loving son


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