23 October 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

23 Oct

Oct 23.


Dear Mother.

I’ve had 3 letters sent up from Marseilles. The last you wrote from Pitney I think. There must be some gaps as you only say Topher enjoyed his leave & never said when he had it & for how long. I don’t think I want any clothes thanks. I expect I’ll be wanting some sox soon.

I wonder if all those boxes have arrived yet to load up the overcrowded house. Jim’s are there now I suppose. You will be boxed when all mine arrive. Jim seems to have had a nice quiet wedding. I wonder why they want to send him to India, I daresay he’ll like it, & Ted will be pleased to have him near. Mrs Berryman going if he goes?

Please send me a lanyard thing one carries a whistle on round your shoulder. I want a red one as that’s what medical people have in the cavalry. No good unless red. I’d also like one of those canteens you get from Pound’s. I’ll send you a cheque when Cox send me a cheque book.

If Jim would like one of those, Teapot, sugar basin & cream just, set complete from Harrods £2.6.0 I’ll give him one. Ask Mrs Berryman what she wants. I’m not very rich, but I expect Dreda is saving up something for my leave is’nt she? She generally does collect for us I believe.

I must write to Paul as I may be able to wangle a drop of leave & I’d like to get it when he does.

What a rag eh?

I heard from Ben, poor old thing, she still seems very sad.

I hope my breeches will hurry up. I’ve only one pair of them over. Poor Chubbie I do hope she is better by this time. I hope the shop was not shut when my friend called.

Best love to all

Yr loving son


Similar (?) creamer

Similar lanyard

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