24 January 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

24 Jan

Go on writing to Cox.

Jan 24.

Dear Mother. Many thanks for your letter. Ted brought it over on Sunday, those ones Cox had sent my letters to him in spite of all the explanations I had given. Was’nt it nice our being able to meet. You got the cable I expect. He is very fit & seems none the worse. He seems to have had a good long swim, & dragged that woman too along with him. We are in Camp & not doing much. It’s awfully hot during the day, but very cold at nights. Ted & I made all sorts of purchases in the town such as it is on Sunday & Monday. He has’nt a camp bed & slept on mine & enjoyed a very good sleep he said. I wish I had my chair, I was a fool to forget it in the rush. The bath is awfully useful. No one knows if we stay here or not.

It was good Ben selling that puppy. June is very fit & rushes around the camp & enjoys life in general.

That concert seems to have been a great success. Whoever wrote all that about Ted & us in the S.A. Quite good eh?

I am glad Topher is fit, it was sporting of Kirwan to send him the whiskey. I wonder how Paul likes his new appointment. It’s a fine ship he’s got is’nt it? Ben wrote to me on her way to Gloucester. I expect Wiggs has been home by this time & she enjoyed herself. What about the bag? Huge surprise I expect & did she mistake it for Nell’s. Is’nt Eric the limit! Of course Ethel Ford is a fool.

We sent you a cable on Sunday, and I sent one to Paul too. We can send what they call weekend cables at 3d a word on Sundays. Rather good.

I am going over to see Ted tomorrow & stay the night. We are all getting very sunburnt here & if we stay it will be awful in the summer.

Must go to bed best love to all.

Your loving son   Richard.

 Paul had been transferred from HMS Gloucester to HMS Malaya



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2 responses to “24 January 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

  1. Tamsin

    24 January, '16 at 12:52

    Lots of half told tales here. Did Ben and Nell get their handbags muddled up? Mark-you, Nell in later life had a handbag like the Fairy Blackstick’s – absolutely anything you could possibly need. And family tradition has it that she did once have one of George V’s sons scrabbling at her feet when she dropped it scattering the contents (she had leapt up when introduced in order to bob a curtsey). She herself said that at that time, as a shy young thing, she did not have the screw-drivers, scissors, string, stamps, labels, etc., etc., that she later carried about as a matter of course. On what was presumably the same occasion Ted was offered a King size cigarette (“have one of these, my father has them specially made”) and desperately wanted to keep it as a souvenir (they were not in common circulation) but out of politeness had to smoke the thing!

  2. Family Letters

    25 January, '16 at 13:03

    Yes, indeed. And did he get Gertrude to send him a tin bath? I wouldn’t put it past him. Or did he take one on board ship with him? Or buy one in Egypt?

    And I do want to know why Ethel Ford was a fool, and indeed who the poor woman was.


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