21 February 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

21 Feb

H.M.S. Gloucester

21st Feb.

Dear Mother. V. many thanks for your letter – we have been at sea ever since last Sunday & only arrived in yesterday- so news is particularly scarce this week.

Not a very cheery time at sea either – beastly weather & we did not get any scrapping. I’ve never seen such enormous flakes of snow as we had to-day- huge they were. I all but thought of going ashore for a walk – but I am glad I did’nt now.

I’ve got that silly rheumatism again across my shoulders- but 10 grains of aspirin has sent it away for the time being. I do hope I shan’t have a miserable night – where you can’t move hand or foot.

I am glad you enjoyed your midweek holiday in Town. We can never get you to go away for a really good change & a rest – but even a few days like that I expect did you a lot of good.

I expect you will receive a bag of some of my clothes soon. I don’t think there is much in there that’s of any use to anybody. Would Capon like the grey suit. I rather love it though & would like to wear it again – which I hope I shall before I finally discard it. Oh – and sometime or other a huge sea chest ought to arrive, with various things I landed at Malta – pictures – greatcoats etc – but I should think that would be sometime yet.

I am miles behind in my correspondence being at sea all last week- has thoroughly done me down & I have got heaps of letters to write.

Willie Perkins seems to have got into the thick of it fairly soon does’nt he.

Well I must off to bed. If anyone is thinking of making a cake, will they make me one at the same time and send it along. I should love it.

Goodnight. With ever so much love to you all-

from ever your loving son


HMS Gloucester Log – 21 February 1915
Scapa Flow
Lat 58.9, Long -3.1
2.0pm Landed CPOs on Flotta Is

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