20 February 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

20 Feb

Feb 20th

Dear Mother

Just a line to say I’m quite well & have entirely recovered from my cold. We go into the trenches tomorrow for a few days. Weather is pretty rotten here, bar one or two lovely days, quite spring like. Awful luck yesterday, Major Mac & I were walking along a road up by the trenches when suddenly a shell came from nowhere apparently & burst just behind, about 10-15 yards off. However it fell in some soft mud & went off with an awful bang & threw mud all over the place & didn’t touch us! Lucky it fell in the mud, and I expect it went pretty deep & exploded well underground.

No news here. We got a mail today, so the German blockade has not yet stopped the mails. Have Jim & Topher managed to get their commissions yet? I trust so. I got a bystander from Rosamund today, but have’nt had any letters lately. I got some cigarettes from Dryden, but the regular supply has’nt started yet, but I have plenty to go on with now. Excuse a dull letter. Love to all

yr loving son


oh by the way I am sending home one khaki jacket & 1 pair breeches, as we have to cut our kit down & this is the only way I can do it. Please keep em, & I’ll write for em when I want ‘em.

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