20 April 1916 – Paul to Gertrude

20 Apr


c/o G.P.O.

Maundy Thursday


Dear Mother.  Ever so many thanks for your letter – I ought to have written yesterday but really I had’nt a moment before the mail went – so you will get this a bit late I expect.

I must see what I can do as regards those ribbons – I’ll write around & get one – How lovely if you get so many of us home for Easter – I hope Topher arrives in time –

I did’nt see that about Captain Lewis – how awfully sad – but they say nowadays it is’nt safe to fly over the Hun lines at anything less than 10,000 feet. I can’t believe that Gordon Campbell is a commander-! I must look him up in a Navy List & see.- I’ve seen nothing about him at all either – but it must be true I suppose. Oh no! Heaps of N.O’s have got the D.S.O. That reminds me I must write to old Voules again – & tell him an old Cordwalles boy – one Marshall Clarke got it the other day. So nice of him to send you a Chronicle-

Can’t get rid of that rash yet – Is’nt it a nuisance – though I believe it is going very gradually.

Did I tell you we have started to get up a play – just amongst the officers – I’ve got rather a good part- where I have to disguise myself half way through as the “Aunt” of the Heroine!

A slight improvement of the weather lately –

A very happy Easter to you Mother and to all of you at home-

My best love to you all-

Your ever loving son



Gordon Campbell VC

later Admiral Sir Marshal Llewelyn Clarke

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