18 July 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

18 Jul



July 18/16


Dear Mother

Very many thanks for your letter last mail & the pink papers an’ all. I am just down here for a day to meet Dick, who is turning up tonight in his old hospital train; even if he’s absolutely punctual I shall only see him for a few hours, as I have to catch a train back tonight to make certain of getting back to Lansdowne tomorrow.

I came down yesterday and arrived here about 5.30 this morning. A good deal hotter than Lansdowne of course, but not unpleasant, very muggy & sticky as usual in the rains. But it’s an amusing little Jaunt & ought to be awful fun seeing Dick this evening. I rather fancy it’s his last trip in this train.

The Lieut-Governor of the United Provinces is coming up to Lansdowne on Sunday; he’s the biggest Civil bug of the U.P. so we are having parades & lunches & dinners for him, so that’s why I have to hurry back.

What rotten luck on old Topher not getting his leave yet; but I’m afraid he won’t be getting it now. We seem to be having good success still on the Western front, which speaks volumes for the new armies & the munition workers; the cost is great, & the casualty lists terribly long, but it’s got to be I’m afraid. So far I think the push has been wonderfully successful, everyone seems very confident.

Yes I saw the King has been to see the fleet. Paul’s moving in high society isn’t he, shaking hands with Royalty an’ all. What excitement you’ve had; I know the Grocer’s shop you mean, & the Abbots hospital must have had a very narrow squeak. I had a long letter from Rosamond last mail, she does seem to enjoy her farming I must say. Is’nt Ben going on to land too soon? I have an idea she said something about it.

What a splendid letter that was from our prisoner of war, thanks awfully for sending a copy, we were all most interested. I suppose they get a Hindustani-speaking German to write for them, & I think they treat our men fairly well too.

Thanks awfully for sending the food etc, they do appreciate it don’t they. I rather agree with you about the war being over this year. Is’nt Verdun wonderful.

Love to all- from your loving son



Lt-Gov of the United Provinces, 1912-17

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