20 July 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

20 Jul

Thursday 20th.

on the old train still.


Dear Mother,

Many thanks for your letter. It is a shame about Topher’s leave. I do hope he has it by this time, but I suppose as long as the big push goes on no one will get any. Pathetic indeed his nearly crying when he got your letters. Fancy Paul shaking hands with the King, getting in with Royalty an’ all.

How exciting that motor accident sounds, but I wonder there are’nt more really, except I suppose so few people drive nowadays, is’nt petrol 2/10 a gallon or something. Guildford seems in the habit of having an annual fire. I know where you mean. Gates is where I get a Wensleydale cheese. It was lucky the hospital escaped.

I am glad Dreda enjoyed her holiday. Many thanks for the Bystander & London Mail & Daily Mirror.

Ted came down this time to see me at Amballa. His old C.O. was very stingy & he could only be with me a very little while. However it was awfully nice seeing him & he looked very well, but perhaps a bit balder. I did’nt tell him so, & don’t for goodness sake say I said so. He had dinner with me on the train, & we biked about Amballa on my old mo bike. Ted sitting on a cushion on the back. His train went at 2.15 that night. I was so glad to see him though & I hope he’ll be able to get down to Karachi.

I believe I may have to do another trip as the real O.C. Amb. train is not back yet.

We are just passing through the Sind desert and it’s getting hotter & hotter.

I hope to get some mail tomorrow but you never know.

Best love to all

Your loving son


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