17 January 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

17 Jan

Sunday.     Jan 17th

Dear Mother

Very many thanks for your letter which I got this morning dated 14th. I was wondering if you ever got that wire as I gave it to a promiscuous boy on deck who said he would send it off, & I’m glad he kept his promise. I posted some letters to you all on Friday night, which I expect you will get tomorrow Monday as your letters have taken 3 days to arrive I see.

Now I’m out here again it seems colder than it was at home! though I always said it was colder in England than here; but on 2nd thoughts it’s worse here, as the wind is so bitter. We have a holiday today as it is Sunday, & I am going for a country walk this afternoon with one of our French interpreters. Ask Ben if she remembers my walking over the St Bernard Pass with a Venetian, & Joe said he’d never seen a Hungarian! As a matter of fact this man is an Englishman who lives in France, & is doing interpreter for us.

Many thanks for Ruth’s wire, which I wish I had got before I left, it was very sweet of her to send it. Yes I wish I could have seen her, but I will make a point of it next time I come home. I must write to her but I don’t know her address, so please let me know what it is.

I don’t think there is much going on here, in our front. In fact I’ve only heard one heavy gun fire in the distance since I’ve been back. Mr New-coat is going to take the woolly lining out of his scutum today & use the scutum part only, as it’s too hot to wear & too much fag to carry as it is, & it’s sure to rain! We’ve all just had a present of a tin of toffee from the Grocers association inscribed “to our brave lads at the front!” Hooray! People really are absurdly good to us, & we are doing nothing.

I do hope old Topher is getting on all right, but I expect he’ll soon settle down after his experiences in S.A. This time last Sunday I was talking to dear old Mr & Mrs Drew, hauled out of Church, etc etc & generally living in a sort of dream! Yes rather I’ll store up some of the enjoyment, there was certainly enough & to spare, & use it when things are dull.

Are the girls washing up at the hospital now. I think it’s splendid of them to take on a job like that & I’m very proud of you all.  Must end up & get this censored.

Love to all yr loving son



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