17 April 1915 – Ted to Gertrude

17 Apr

Order of St John of Jerusalem

17th April 1915

Dear Mother

They have sent a lot of this paper up with the Rations today so I thought I’d use a bit just for fun. Many thanks for your letter from Folkestone today; I expect by now you have got my letter saying I had arrived safely. We have moved up nearer the firing line since & some of us go into the trenches on the 19th, but not all. Gorgeous weather here now, but still quite cold at nights.

So glad you have been away for a rest and change, I’m sure it’s done you heaps of good, especially after all the strenuous days of last week, with never less than 12 sitting down to meals! The memory of my pleasant 4 days at home will last me a long time. I have heard from all the others, and they all wrote such nice letters to me. I wish they would remember it was I who did all the enjoying & they who made my leave so absolutely perfect; you were all splendid.

Nothing much going on here. These fine days produce a good crop of aeroplanes always and we see them up every day over the German lines and they are fired at every time they go up, but so far none have come to any harm; tap wood!

I had a long letter from Ben this morning; I’m glad to say she has got all the letters I wrote her; I was rather afraid one I wrote just before I came home on leave might not have been posted. So Jane is getting on to Dick soon is she. I heard from him, he does’nt seem to get any orders, though I hear out here that his destination is probably Marseilles-

The no stamp dodge worked all right, but if there is no definite regulation it seems a shame to chizzle govt out of 1d every time you write; besides it might not always work. By the way you can address my letters “The Garhwal Rifles” now, not 2/39 as hitherto, as we are now called by the former title, at anyrate for the duration of the war; & accordingly I sincerely trust it won’t be for long! Tons of love to all

yr loving son



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