14 September 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

14 Sep


Sept 14/16

Dear Mother

English mail in today, but no letters from Delaford. Funny, as I always get some; but these days I suppose anything may happen, and I expect they’ll turn up tomorrow all right. I heard from old Ben at Seaview, and also from Nell, so I suppose your letters have been mislaid somewhere. I got some papers from you today; many thanks, much appreciated.

I am sending along some very cheap & not very pretty felt rugs, 2 white with a pattern, & one really horrid green one, heaven knows why I bought it! Anyhow I expect it will do for the parlour, where it’s fairly dark & can be hidden easily. I’m told they last better if you back them with canvas. I must send you some nicer ones one day; & I’m also sending you quite a nice carpet, smallish but nice; I don’t quite know where you will put it, but I expect it will come in useful for somewhere. It’s not persian, only Indian I think.

Such a wet day, the rains’ last effort I suppose. But it’s cleared up this evening so I shall go out & try & get a blow of air for an hour as I’ve been busy in office all day. We’ve had the general up inspecting these last 2 or 3 days, but he was very gentlemanly & did’nt worry us much.

Ben’s comments on Eric were truly amusing, he does indeed seem to go further back as the line advances! Has he any shame? And she said Topher had told her that he had built himself a house! so he evidently intends never to get forward at all. He seems a useless sort of fellow, so perhaps he’s better where he is.

Nothing doing here; we are all still very busy; no news of any immediate move though the 3rd Batt: are sort of still semi-under orders for Quetta.

Must end up; hope I get some letters from you tomorrow. I had a line from Dick in Bombay, bored with waiting about but quite pleased at the prospect of going to France.

Love to all   yr loving son


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