10 September 1916 – Richard to Gertrude

10 Sep


Sept 10 1916


Dear Mother

Many thanks for your letter & as I said when I took it out, “what a topping handkerchief”. That lavender was lovely & was so useful to smell on board yesterday when coming down from Karachi & feeling a bit squirmy. Of course you need never now have bothered about my clothes. Such a pity, but Cox have instructions to send them back to you when they do arrive, & how annoying forgetting that coat. I would have liked tails as well anyhow.

Jim & Sheina were married yesterday then, of course I won’t dare meet his father in law, as he’s the old IMS col isn’t he who said I dressed up so. Bit awkward meeting Sheina, (spose I can call her by her Christian name) too. She used to skoff did’nt she? No little book arrived, something about Daddy long legs you said.

I am sure Susan will like the change at Seaview. I was so sorry to have to leave June behind, I have given her to rather a pet of a girl. I am sorry Jane Yeatman’s boy has been wounded.

I arrived here this morning, but I won’t believe I am really off till the ship sails from here. You see they stopped us the other day & we had to wait a fortnight. How nice of the people to let Binkie in to see his master.

Please thank Ruth for her message at the end of your letter. I dunno’ what I shall do here all tomorrow. Spend money I suppose.

I hope I’ll find some letters in Marseilles.

Best love to all.

Yr loving son   Richard.

Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster


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