13 January 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

13 Jan


Jan 13/1916


Dear Mother

Just a short note to say I am very fit and well. Dolly Lyell & I have practically completed our kit now, & we leave here tomorrow for Suez & join the regiment, which is about 8 miles from there, on Saturday. How weird it is having every blessed thing brand new from one’s skin outwards! And I do hate new things so, and had got awful fond of a lot of the old things I had before. It’s an expensive job too, especially here, where the price of everything is ruinous. I think a Tommy’s cooker might be useful out here, if the methylated would stand the heat; you might ask. It’s quite pleasant now & very cold at nights I hear along the Canal, but I expect it will warm up pretty soon.

What a change to go from France with its mud & rain to the Sinai Desert where it’s all sand & rock I suppose. But I shall be able to give you a better description when I get there, though I’m afraid I shan’t be able to tell you much as the censor will probably cross it all out!

I have left my address at both hotels where I’ve been staying, the G.P.O, the Army post offices (British & Indian), the P & O, & Cox’s! So I ought to get anything that’s sent here some time! Mind you put I.E.F. “E”, as there is a “G” as well somewhere here, but we are in E.

I have a lovely room here looking out over the sea, gorgeous view. It has been fairly fine this time, but today is a bit more overcast, & looks like a sandstorm. I have made pals with Cox’s man here, & had lunch with him yesterday; always a good thing to keep on the right side of your bankers. I’m longing to get letters from home, it’s 3 weeks now since I left, but I ought to get some in a day or so now, though I expect some went on to Bombay. Send along a weekly Times & L.O. & John Bull occasionally. Lots of love to all from your loving son



Tommy’s cooker

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