12 July 1917 – Ted to Gertrude

12 Jul

July 12th

The Doctor has just been round and has now promoted me to fish diet, the one next above “semi-solids” but he says I’d better not get up yet. So evidently everything is going on all right & I’m feeling as fit as a fiddle.

By the way do you remember I told you our C.O. was giving me a picture of N. Chapelle as a wedding present? Did it ever turn up? as he said it was being sent straight to Delaford. I seem to remember you saying it had arrived one day. Do let me know what happened to it & if it’s arrived.

Best love to all, & I’m going along fine so don’t worry

Ever yr loving son


Ted’s picture of Neuve Chappelle did eventually turn up.

Neuve Chappelle by James Prinsep Beadle

Ted’s picture of Neuve Chappelle by James Prinsep Beadle

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