1 November 1915 – Paul to Gertrude

01 Nov

H.M.S. Gloucester

All Saints Day



Dear Mother

V. many thanks for your letter- So my chest does sound rather huge – how you ever got it down those back stairs I don’t know.

My ankle is quite all right again – as far as I can see – I have played hockey once or twice since, and no ill effects. I use one of those anklet things.

Nothing doing at all our way, as usual – It’s getting quite chilly these days & so fearfully damp, and colds seem to be fairly easy to catch.

Yes allright I’ll send Dreda a contribution to Topher’s gramaphone. I suppose he must be nearly having his final leave before he goes out. I heard from him the other day.

I’ve just had my cabin done up & a thorough painting – it had’nt been done for ages. Very sort of pale blue enamel now it is – remarkable lack of pictures though.

How dreary Guildford sounds now – being so black. I suppose that is all on account of that Zepp raid. I do hope you won’t have another one.

Does anyone know Willie’s address now? I want to write to him – but cannot get an address out of anyone-

Rather a dull letter I’m afraid.

With ever so much love to you all-

Your ever loving son


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