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03 Jan

I’ve listed all the letters and other items in date order in a spreadsheet – there are a total of 640 of them, so two a day or 14 at a weekend, and I can get them posted this year, and spend next year on bells and whistles, like maps and references. I’ve also found a second Christmas Day truce letter which I’ll publish on Christmas 2013; this one is from Ted to his sister Jane.  

Elsewhere on the interwebs, I’m really pleased to find out that the Diary of Samuel Pepys is being published one day at a time over the next 10 years at

Pepys Diary

There are so many reasons why I’m thrilled about this.  It’s on my “to read” list and has been for decades, it’s available via email updates which require two clicks to set up (an obvious idea I’d not thought of), it’ll be a treat to read each day on the train, and there has to be so much I can learn from this project.

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