9 September 1918 – Ted to Gertrude

09 Sep

Sept 9/18


Dear Mother

Quite unexpectedly a mail turned up yesterday, at least I never thought I should get any letters. But I did, including one from you of July 2nd, for which many thanks. I think the last one I had from you must have been about June 15th or so & there are probably some on the way still. I had a line from Ben too, & one or two letters from Nell.

Your letter was July 2, and you had just got a swarm of bees from old Savage- and you had recently had my letters saying my leave had been refused and that I was going to that school in Baghdad- what years ago now it all seems, and it will be months I suppose before I hear from you about this job, though this time I sent you a cable which I hope turned up safely.

It’s still very hot all day, with nice cool nights & fresh mornings. But the day heat is very trying, damp south winds and still sticky days with intermittent dust storms of some violence, very unpleasant as you may imagine. This damp season is called, as I think I must have told you, the date-ripener, and is doubtless excellent for finishing off the dates, but I don’t know that I can find much to say in its favour- But there can’t be much more of it anyhow. September is always a bad month in the East, as one feels very flabby & jaded after the hot weather, & really it’s just as hot as July & August though one likes to think not.

Things seem to be going well still in France – Your letter was written just in the lull when things were neither good nor bad, though a fresh German attack was expected, which fortunately did not come off.

I did’nt get all Nell’s letters, but some of them referred to my leave being refused- Poor child, but she is wonderfully plucky as usual and seems very cheery & confident that I’ll be home sometime sooner or later. Dreda seems to have managed to hit off a Gabb invitation after all! I wonder if Desmond has wangled home leave yet- which reminds me, was’nt that Gordon Campbell’s exploit of throwing the bomb-baby into the submarine & blowing it up? It must have been I think, I read all about it in Reuters wires & the “Baghdad times”.

Ben seems very happy & comfy in her little suburban house, I got a very cheery line from her condoling with my refused leave – especially after she had taken such a lot of trouble to help Nell an’ all-

Hope you managed a visit to Totland Bay, I expect you wanted a breath of sea air. I suppose Jim is still knocking around these parts, though I have’nt seen or heard of him since I came up here-

I am very busy just at present, & got up early to go all over the place with the General: but his other staff officer is sick this morning & in bed, so the General has gone off by himself & left me behind to see to things if necessary. However as nothing is happening I thought I’d write to you. I can scribble a line to Ben too. The English mail is supposed to go out from here today, but really I don’t think it matters very much. Anyhow I never let it worry me & just post when I feel inclined.

Best love to all

yr loving son


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