7 September 1926 – Paul to Gertrude

24 Jun

Sept 7th



Dearest Mother.

Daresay there is something in the papers about our show on Sunday – at “Wanhshien” – really a terrific battle – and I am allright – but I fear we had a few unfortunate casualties altogether- My short spell out here has been full of incidents & I have not had a moment’s peace – and am terribly sleepy- so excuse a short letter – which is just to tell you I am fit as a fiddle-

Don’t like this country though-.!!

Hope everyone is well at home.

My bestest love to you all – (must do some more work).

Your ever loving son


The Wanhsein incident was a messy incident in which Paul’s command, the Widgeon, was an active participant.

Chinese soldiers boarded two British merchant vessels, one of which was the Wahnsein, taking Britons hostage. Two Royal Navy Ships, the Cockchafer and the Widgeon, attempted to regain control of the merchant ships, and there were considerable Chinese casualties. China lodged a formal complaint with the League of Nations and there was a period of anti-foreign agitation and riots across China, accompanied by looting of European businesses and attacks on individuals.

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