7 October 1918 – Ted to Gertrude

07 Oct

Oct 7/14


Dear Mother

Very many thanks for a letter dated 7th Aug which arrived yesterday, quite quick considering it came via Cox Bombay.

I don’t think I’ve much news for you- We are of course all sharing the good news from France & Palestine, & how little we are doing out here to help. There is nothing to do, & one feels somehow there is lots going on that one ought to be giving a hand in – Bulgaria’s surrender & the Turkish defeat in Palestine must sooner or later materially affect our little corner of the stage-

Thank heavens September is over. It was a fearfully hot month, well over 100 every day, & for a fortnight or so in the middle was up to 112° or so daily [45 C]. Last year in September it was a good 10 degrees cooler. Even now it’s up to 99° & 100° in the day, covering everything in a thick layer & making everyone look like Pierrots! However the weather must change soon, & then it is not far off to the cold weather, the only possible time in this country.

I say what fearful lumbago you had- I am sorry, & I do hope it’s all right again. It sounds most alarming. I’ve had twinges at times but nothing so bad as you describe.

I had a line from Dick too. You seem to have been a long time without mails, but I fancy you must have got one soon after you wrote (Aug 6) as Nell said she had got some about the 10th or 12th, her last letter to me is dated 12th. I may be busy these next 2 weeks or so, so may not find much time or opportunity to write.

I had to take a letter for the Turkish C-in-C yesterday under a flag of truce- Awful squeamish marching boldly out beyond our outposts waving a towel on the end of a light tent pole, & hoping no one will have a shot at you! However all passed off well & a Turkish officer came out & I gave him the letter & then came home safely.

I’ve lost my British Warm, my Burberry, a pr boots & about 10 or 12 tins of baccy, & a waterproof sheet & a waterproof cape -! that’s a good bit is’nt it! They were all in a kit bag & somehow or other got mislaid on my way up here; sickening- I hope I’ll be getting a trench coat out soonish, I asked Ben to see about one, but it does take such ages to get things out from home-

Best love to all

yr loving son


Squeamish-making indeed


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