7 July 1916 – Ted to Gertrude

07 Jul


July 7th/16


Dear Mother

Very many thanks for your letter of the 14th June, which turned up yesterday, so I have just time to answer it this mail. We did’nt really expect the mail in today, & the post office had a notice up that it was due today too, but it managed to turn up successfully yesterday. I had letters from Nell of course, & Mrs Fielding & Jinny also; the latter seems most awfully fit & cheery, & she apparently has great times at the shop. What a meeting place it has become, & I quite agree in wondering where we all used to meet in the old days!

Great doings in France nowadays are’nt there; & we have fearful discussions all day as to whether this is the big push or only a demonstration to relieve pressure elsewhere. Opinion is very divided, & I think it’s impossible to say yet, in any case it’s bound to be a very slow business. Poor old Topher, I am sorry about his leave, I think he’s been rather badly treated, tho’ I suppose it’s impossible to give everyone leave these strenuous times.

Paul seems to have had a good strenuous time on his short leave. I’m awfully glad he was looking so well & as cheery as ever. I hope I get a line from him with a few words about the show; I cabled to him when I heard about it, but I don’t think he ever could have got it somehow. What a                  they had to end up with.

Yes, rather, I had letters from Nell weeks ago saying what a gorgeous time she had at Delaford, & how ripping you all were to her. Thanks awfully for it all, I know she enjoyed it immensely. Jack Fielding is up at the front line now with his battery so has begun soldiering in earnest. Yes I remember Major Dawson very slightly on the Persia, & chiefly before I think, in the train going across France. As far as I remember (if I’m thinking of the right man) he had malaria very badly & used to walk about in a big great coat most of the time, I’m afraid I have’nt the faintest idea. I must go on parade now; I’ll finish this afterwards. A gorgeous morning after days of rain.

Later   Just come off parade & shall finish this before breakfast. Jinny told me in her letter too that Reggie often visits the shop; I’m so sorry he has to hobble about still on 2 sticks, I’m afraid his leg will never be quite right. I had a wire from Dick saying he was going away for a fortnight so putting me off going down to Karachi, but I have heard nothing further so I don’t know where he’s gone. He said he wd write. In any case I should have found it rather hard to get away just now, so perhaps it’s just as well.

So sorry you’ve had flu & I do hope you’re all right again now. I remember my goes of flu well, I always get it if there’s any going. Lucky you had Ruth at home to take care of you. I must answer the others’ letters next week; I’m afraid I have’nt time this week, unless they delay the boat one day, as they sometimes do.

Much love to all

from your loving son


Major William Orford Charles Dawson,%20W%20O%27C


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